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Q: Who will shoot my event?
A: You will have me as your personal photographer and story teller.  I do not contract my work out unless an unforeseen emergency arises.  Should that occur, I have professionals that I have vetted that will meet or exceeds my own quality and professionalism.

Q: Will I get a disk of my images?
A: I do provide Digital Proofs or Negatives with my Collections.  But, even more important, each of my Collections includes a handcrafted, artisan Book.  This is because my philosophy is… a CD doesn’t give the same emotional connection as an album and prints, which are truly your priceless keepsakes.  All too often disks are tossed in a drawer never to be seen again, your photographs should be proudly displayed in your home and on your walls as the works of art they are, for years to come.

Q: How many images will I receive?
A: You will have more than enough.  There is no specific number because every event has variables, but you can rest assured I will capture every moment as this is my profession.

Q: What if I want “full copyright”?
A: Bride magazines and other sources often give confusing and incorrect information on this hot topic.  The long-short answer is… the copyright is always retained by the Photographer, unless the Photographer explicitly states otherwise. I give a limited copyright license agreement, which gives you the exclusive right to print your digital images for personal use.  I will be happy to place print orders for you also asI use only professional print labs that I have colour corrected my equipment to so I can provide the finest quality images.

Q: Do you travel?
A: Absolutely!  Let’s discuss the details…

Q: What is Photo/Video Fusion?
A: Photo/Video Fusion is a unique way to tell your story.  It uses photography and videography highlights combining them into a slideshow and film all at once.

Q: What’s the difference between Cinematography and Videography?
A: Cinematography is a style of editing.  It’s a movie like feature film with a personalized story line that includes scene highlights, music to match the events mood, and audio cuts if available.  The editing of a Cinematography style film is much more detailed process.  Videography is a Documentary style film in a longer form with typically very little editing of the film or audio (what you see is what you get), and may, or may not, include a limited background play-loop of music.  Both Cinematography and Videography have their specific uses and are well suited for each.  Cinematography is best for Weddings and Events, while Videography is best for Memoirs.

Q: What is something goes wrong with your equipment?
A: While I use professional Nikon equipment and are constantly maintaining my gear for optimal performance, which helps to reduce risk and prevent down time, I also carry backups.  And, I'm insured for circumstances that are beyond my control.

Q: How do I book you?
A: Call, text, or email me anytime, we can meet so you can see all the products for yourself in your home, this is not a hard sell in anyway.  I look forward to hearing from you!!!

I specialize in Weddings and Portraits, so you can rest assured Kenneth Light Studios, Basingstoke Wedding Photographers is the right choice to capture your Forever moments in Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey, London, Wilshire and throughout the United Kingdom, and for Destination Weddings overseas including the USA where I have contacts for vendors all over the country that I have worked with so I could organize your wedding state side with ease.

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