Tips to Make the Best of your Bridal Show Experience

As promised by Kenneth Light Studios, Charlotte Wedding Photographers, here is our first segment of “Tips to Make the Best of your Bridal Show Experience” for choosing the right Wedding Photographer, Wedding Cinematographer, and other Wedding Professionals for your special day. Tip 1: Stickers, stickers, stickers… while they’re an easy and fast way to fill out questionnaires and entry forms, if they don’t have the necessary information, you could lose out on a potentially great contact with a Vendor or an awesome free prize.  Be sure your stickers include ALL of the following: complete name, email address, cell phone/text, wedding date, and wedding location.  If you really don’t like the idea of stickers, then don’t use script or cursive when writing, PRINT is best for legibility, and fill in all the information the vendor is asking for.

Tip 2: Forget the Business Cards - Ask for a Vendor Brochure, it will help you remember that particular Vendor from others.  You’re gathering tons of information in a short period of time and stuffing it into a goodie bag to sort out later.  Make sure you have what you need to select your favorite vendors to check out when you get home, otherwise everything will be a blur, and while you may have had an enjoyable day at the show, making your decision will not have gotten any easier – wasn’t that the reason for going in the first place?!

Check in next week for more “Tips to Make the Best of your Bridal Show ExperiencKenneth Light Studiose”