So much to do, so little time to do it!

So much to do, so little time to do it!  The easiest way to execute a big plan successfully (a/k/a Wedding Day), is to break it down into smaller sections, and stay on schedule. At 9-12 months before your Wedding Day you should…

  • Shout to the whole world you’re Engaged!  Hopefully you’ve already hired a professional Wedding Photography and Wedding Cinematographer so send out announcements with a great photo from your Engagement Session.
  • If they haven’t already, arrange for your parents to meet
  • Nail down your wedding date
  • Figure out a budget (realistically without the glass carriage and white horses)
  • Ask who would like to/be willing to contribute toward the expenses
  • Reserve your church or ceremony site
  • Decide who will officiate the wedding
  • Discuss your guest list and number of guests (consider who is local, and who would be willing to travel, also keep in mind the number of guests your venue will accommodate)
  • Choose a venue (if you’re serving alcohol at the reception, are there taxi cabs and hotels available nearby?)
  • Start shopping for gown
  • Interview a wedding planner

Kennth Light Studios, Wedding Photographers in Swindon are building a big list of Preferred Vendors are:

But not just any vendors, only the best and only who we work with. so when a bride asks, I can say with full confidence and make sure the bride gets the vendors they need every time to make their day perfect.

Next week 6-9 months before your Wedding Day from Kenneth Light Studios Swindons Wedding Photographers

Swindon Wedding Photographers

Swindon Wedding Photographers