What would you do, let us know

Forest Huntington, author of The Burning House posed a thought provoking question - If the house were on fire, and you had to leave fast, what would you take?  What would you grab as you were running out?

If we were in this dilemma, I think we would certainly take our most precious possessions - family, pets, and old photos and albums (pre-digital technology - not everything has been scanned or backed up to a hard drive or icloud).  With the exception of our health and a few heirloom antiques, which would be sad to loose, pretty much everything else we have is insured and replaceable.

So… what would you take?  Would it be practical, or sentimental, or monetarily valuable?  Think about this for a moment, if you lived in a country where you were not blessed with the luxuries we have, perhaps a machete to chop firewood for warmth or knife to hunt for food with would be your most prized possession!

So, take a look around your house and in your heart - we think you’ll find this interesting, and it might just surprise you.  Also, ask your children, parents and significant others, and be sure to post their ages, occupation, and location along with their answers. 

Join our blog and let us know what would be most important to you! 

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