I got asked an interesting question about Wedding Photographers

I got asked an interesting question the other day about Wedding photographers and how I was.   Was I cynical at all about doing weddings all the time.  this person had known a few wedding photographers that were cynical about weddings from doing so many.

I was to be honest Horrified at this, Really a Wedding Photographer cynical about weddings what an injustice for the couples?

Shock horror, really, I ask Wedding Photographers and Clients to speak up here and comment on this post, it will be open for comments on here, I want to know what you think, Clients for what you thought about your photographer.   I know what my clients think as I am still friends with them many years later and they know I just love it, but what others thought about others, and what about photographers I honestly want to know what they think or what they have heard about others, if they dare speak up on here!

Personally I know I could never ever get cynical about weddings, I'm such an old romantic and I love weddings and everything about them.  I love seeing my clients show their love and love to capture every moment of the night that presents itself to me to tell the story of the day.  It’s not about Pictures or video, it’s about Memories and moments that tell a story that is captured for a life time.  That is held for you and your family and kids.  the only reason I charge is it pays my bills so I can do this over and over.  but I can say I love being a Wedding Photographer and that will never change, the day I change, I will put down the camera, but I don’t see that ever happening.

And remember, all else fades, but the Photographs and video and albums never ever fade, those are the things that remain long after everything else to tell the story of your wonderful day and life.