Wedding Photographs Explained, Kids at Play

This image will be the first captured image that I will be unraveling the story on how it captured it, I think this series will be loved by many as you will get a glimpse into the stories of these images and know a little more about them and why I love them and the Wedding Photography business so much

I had just finished the wedding ceremony in the church and I had been watching these girls in the front seats they were busy playing so quietly, I just knew it was a matter of time before I would get some great shots of them during the day.  We proceed outside for the formal shots and girls being little girls were late but we did not need them at this time till later.

As we were waiting on some of the other people to arrive I had noticed the four girls coming up out of the corner of my eye got my camera ready for them, the group shot was not ready yet and they were still waiting on several others so I had time for this shot to line up with the kids. I did not turn to take it yet as they kids were still walking to the tree and would have noticed me, but the light was so perfect I caught one backlight shot really quick just in case that was all I could get, and then low and behold they stopped right by the tree and this image just unfolded right before my eyes as they started to play with something on the ground, and I caught it.  Moments later I got the group shots and finished the formals and we all drove on to the final place for the reception but I knew the shot I got was an awesome one.

All in a day’s work and this has always been one of my favorite shots of all.

Kids at play and what expression

Wedding Photographs Explained, Kids at play by Kenneth Light Studios

Wedding Photographs Explained, Kids at play by Kenneth Light Studios