Do I really need to spend money on a professional when I have my friend Joe that can do the job for me for free or cheap?

Do I really need to spend money on a professional when I have my friend Joe that can do the job for me for free or cheap?

I know many of you have said these very words, not just for Wedding Photography but for Wedding Flowers, Stationary, DJs or any number of things to do with your wedding day.

So you ask why use a Professional that costs money when you can get it cheaper?  Let me explain the difference in detail for you, from the Wedding Photographers point of view.

So what is the difference between someone doing this for free or £150.00 for everything for the whole day to a True Professional that’s been doing weddings for 20 plus year’s?

As a True Professional Wedding Photographer, am I honestly worried about the person shooting weddings for £150.00 for the whole day coverage?  Not at all, they can have at it, they are not seeking my clients for starters, second, they won’t last in business at that price as they are not charging enough to cover the cost of running a business with taxes and true business costs and at the end of the day, a client that books with me understands why they come to me, and what they is not just photography but a complete experience, so much more than just photography but we cannot give all our secrets away here.  So no, I am not worried about the photographers that charge £150.00 for a whole day’s coverage other than the brides that end up with ruined images.

I have had so many brides come to me after they get their images back, asking me to fix the shadows and lighten and sharpen them. I have even had Wedding Photographers come to me asking for me to fix their images in the States when they decided to do weddings too soon and promised great images to brides but sadly did not provide these images to them.  In most cases these images cannot be saved, but in any case it’s always a sad case for the bride and groom and I cannot tell you how many times this has happened over the years.

A Professional Wedding Photographer has trained for years, shadowing another Professional Photographer, learning the trade, knows every issue that can come up from the type of lighting problems, the room types as in churches or no windows, mid-day sun, late day or night time and how to deal with it in the best possible way to make sure the wedding party and bride and groom look the best.  Not only that, a Wedding Photographer has done so many weddings, they don’t need to think about what comes next, it’s happened so many times its second nature, you can always tell a true Professional Wedding Photographer as he / she won’t be going crazy machine gunning it with the camera as he / she knows when the shots are coming and grabs them as simple as that.

He / She should be a master of posing people fast, imagine 30 in the wedding group, all waiting to be photographed, one photographer, how long should you wait, if he or she knows his business and a professional does, posing is a dream and no problem at all, the wedding party could be 300 and they would have no problem posing them to get the best images possible from all. This is where most photographers fail, look at their portfolios to see how they have posed people, that will tell you so much.

A true professional always comes ready, with a full kit ready in case anything happens, spare gear for everything, personally I also have needle and thread and other handy things in case of unforeseen   problems, and it’s amazing how useful this has been in the past. It’s always good to have, plus a Professional Photographer would work well with the co-coordinator, DJ, Venue, Cake Maker and all the other Vendors to make sure your day flows as perfect as can be as that is our job, to make your day as special as it really is, it’s not about us, it’s not about anything but your day and a professional knows this and just does what it takes to get this done.

As a Professional Photographer, I know more than just Photography, I am also very well versed in professional makeup as my makeup artists I work with know very well.  What works well on people is also very important so what people wear on engagement shoots is something I know a great deal about, what you would look good in, colors and styles to make your images look great and you feel more comfortable also designing rooms so I know the best place to pose you in a room and how to move one or two items in a room to make it look better for the image for you.

Now any true professional does this, be it a photographer, DJ or any other Wedding Vendor, they go way and beyond what they do to be the best they can and this is what I am used to with the very best vendors I worked with in America. So I look for nothing but the best here in England, I feel that’s what my clients deserve. 

So DJs like Luke Skywalker in Swindon on Farringdon Road with over 20 year’s experience, who else would you want, but the best.

Luke Skywalkers DJs has over 18 DJs so they can over any event you may have and have, just contact Luke to speak with him about your special event.

I will be featuring other vendors in the future that Kenneth Light Studios trusts so keep coming back and follow the posts.