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Kenneth Light Studios, Charlotte Wedding Photographers, wrapping up “Tips to Make the Best of your Bridal Show Experience”

Kenneth Light Studios, Charlotte Wedding Photographers is wrapping up our “Tips to Make the Best of your Bridal Show Experience” with this segment and getting ready for the Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens Bridal Show on February 17, 2013, Tip 3: Ask for starting prices (or price ranges to/from) – don’t worry about the entire list.  Don’t get caught up in all the little details or at the end of the Bridal Show your brain will be spinning.  Ask general questions, if a Vendor really peaks your interest take their information brochure and call or email them the next day.  All you need at this point is a floor and ceiling, that way you know whether the Vendor is even remotely within your budget, or if you’re willing to rearrange your budget because you just HAVE to have that Vendor!

Tip 4:  Use your time at the Bridal Show to taste, touch, and see - and there will be A LOT of that going on.  Approach the Vendors, tell them what’s most important to you, we love talking to Brides and Grooms and will be happy to offer help.  Engaging in conversation with Vendors gives you a chance for an emotional connection, and indication whether it’s a good fit.  You can’t get that on a computer…

So, stop by and engage yourself with Kenneth Light Studios, Sherri Claypoole Films, and the other Wedding Vendors, the show will be tons of fun!!!


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Tips to Make the Best of your Bridal Show Experience

As promised by Kenneth Light Studios, Charlotte Wedding Photographers, here is our first segment of “Tips to Make the Best of your Bridal Show Experience” for choosing the right Wedding Photographer, Wedding Cinematographer, and other Wedding Professionals for your special day. Tip 1: Stickers, stickers, stickers… while they’re an easy and fast way to fill out questionnaires and entry forms, if they don’t have the necessary information, you could lose out on a potentially great contact with a Vendor or an awesome free prize.  Be sure your stickers include ALL of the following: complete name, email address, cell phone/text, wedding date, and wedding location.  If you really don’t like the idea of stickers, then don’t use script or cursive when writing, PRINT is best for legibility, and fill in all the information the vendor is asking for.

Tip 2: Forget the Business Cards - Ask for a Vendor Brochure, it will help you remember that particular Vendor from others.  You’re gathering tons of information in a short period of time and stuffing it into a goodie bag to sort out later.  Make sure you have what you need to select your favorite vendors to check out when you get home, otherwise everything will be a blur, and while you may have had an enjoyable day at the show, making your decision will not have gotten any easier – wasn’t that the reason for going in the first place?!

Check in next week for more “Tips to Make the Best of your Bridal Show ExperiencKenneth Light Studiose”


Bridal show Winners are being picked by Kenneth Light Studios

Welcome again and watch our blog as our Bridal show at the Temple Beth El has been and gone, Kenneth Light Studios, Charlotte Wedding Photographers are picking the winners to the free great giveaway contest. You don’t want to miss this as we will be announcing this on our Facebook, so first thing first.

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We have six winners and you will only have a week to claim your prize by contacting us directly, the details will be given on Facebook, then you will be given the prize to claim it and enjoy it to the fullest.

These are amazing prizes by some of the best vendors in the wedding industry and not just a discount but a full giveaway.

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And for your viewing pleasure, here is a recent shot we took. Why not call us and make an appointment to visit us at our studio for a no obligation consult to see all our work and all we have to offer you for your wedding. you will be amazed as we are doing some great things that no one else around is and it gives us a chance to get to know all about how you both met and your store, we just love that part :)

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