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Ancient Greek Traditions. Did you know that…, By Charlotte Wedding Photographers, Kenneth Light Studios

Babies were rolled on the matrimonial bed to bring fertility to the couple (think of rolling pin!) .

Wedding bands are worn on the right hand, not left.
Diamonds were considered the teardrops of God, and that they reflected the flames of love in their sparkle.

More to come, next week it’s Fun Wedding Facts!

Charlotte Wedding Photographers, Kenneth Light Studios, A sister hugs her brother at his wedding

Charlotte Wedding Photographers, Kenneth Light Studios, A sister hugs her brother at his wedding

Kenneth Light Studios & Sherri Claypoole Films Promo Video Done

We’ve done it! Our Kenneth Light Studios, Charlotte Wedding Photographers, promo is finally up and ready for viewing.  We thought long and hard about what we wanted to share and tried our best to bring across how important photographs and films are. Not that we ever want this to happen, but if you’ve ever watched a newscast after a natural disaster, when the displaced occupants are searching the remains of what used to be their homes, the most treasured finds besides family and pets are their photographs and films.

They’re truly one of our most precious possessions, and are irreplaceable. We’ve always known this but were recently reminded again as Angus, a loving family member of 14 years and who was a huge part of our lives, sadly passed away during the films production. Words cannot express how grateful we are to have been able to capture his last days with us, and we will cherish them forever. So, we hope you enjoy our film (a Sherri Claypoole Films and Kenneth Light Studios production), and know how important your “Forever” photographs and films are to us also!

Remember, we're here for all your Wedding Photography and Wedding Cinematography needs, and all of life's celebrations.

Why Kenneth Light Studios, Charlotte Wedding Photographers

Why Kenneth Light Studios Why go with Kenneth Light Studios?  Anyone can take a photo, trust me, we have taught over 300 local photographers, some of whom you are looking at. You can go right now and pick up a camera at the local camera store put it on program take a photo and it will come out great for you.

So why come to Kenneth Light Studios, Charlotte Wedding Photographer for your photography experience, that’s it!  Simply put it’s your experience with us, we don’t just sell photographs, we sell a total experience, photography is just a small part of what we do as is our cinematography.

Visit us for a no obligation consultation for your wedding day and your find you will walk away already booking with us or wanting to very soon. And the only way you will find out is by coming to our studio for a free no obligation consultation.

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