The Making of a Model by Kenneth Light Studios, Swindon Wedding Photographers

The Making of a Model

Let me tell you a little story, one day in a coffee shop a young lady that had never modeled gets a card handed to her and asked if she ever thought about modeling.

She then emailed said photographer, Kenneth Light Studios and a meeting took place, she had no experience BUT!  She along with guidance starts to learn and learns well.  One shoot took place and she did an amazing job, email chats to what needs to be done and the model, Shannon pulls it off perfectly.

It matters not how tall, how long your hair, what your past is, what makes a woman or man strong is one thing, "confidence"  and Shannon has that ability to project that in two shoots that some models never ever get.

Just a few more shoots and she will be let loose on the photographers as an experience model and a new bond in Kenneth Light Studios and Shannon is born like other past models Kenneth Light Studios has trained.

Introducing the amazing Shannon, part one of the shoot, a few of my favorites.