Things a Bride should know by Swindon Wedding Photographers, Kenneth Light Studios

This will be on-going tips for brides for a few weeks, so watch to find out more and get the info to help you pick the best for your special day.

Light is Light is Light as told by Kenneth Light Studios, Wedding Photographers in Swindon

Many Photographers will tell you they only work with natural light, to say natural light is better than studio or flash.   Now the real fact of this is light is light, it’s all Electromagnetic radiation, no matter if it’s a flash on a camera, a studio flash or a reflected natural or direct sunlight or even fire,  it’s all the same.


Next time you hear someone say I only shoot with natural light as its better, it’s a simple case of they really don't understand light. You can make studio or camera flash work just the same as natural light. It’s about direction and quality of light, plus the size of light source. Not that I am against natural light as I am not, just feel the need to educate sometimes. I started with natural light with film cameras and went to flash on camera and off camera, then on to studio flash before I was even 17 years of age.

My background has always been with light, you have to love it, learn it, and get to know it in a very intimate way till it comes to you naturally. Once you get to that point, it matters not what light source it is, but it matters what direction and quality it is. At that same point, one should not even think about what exposure one has as it’s fully automatic in the mind but in manual on the camera, then you can then spend your time composing and getting the image right in camera. The end result is a perfect image that works for you with little or no Photoshop work done.

So something to think about, light is light, natural or flash it’s all the same! You have never ever heard an old school photographer of film say I prefer natural light as they all knew light is simply light and when they did not want to go about a 100 ISO range they added flash or constant hot lights and made it as if it was natural.

So brides watch for the tell tail signs, we will be telling more of the inside stuff in the coming weeks so keep your eyes on this blog and ask if you have questions, my email is on all our pages.