What it takes to be a good Wedding & Portrait Photographer

Too many photographers don’t know good posing and so many models don’t seem to know good posing here in England other than the select few.

Part of being a great photographer is to know how to pose a person, how to set a person up and make them feel at ease and get the shots that count for them.  I was a member of the Professional Photographers of American (PPA) and the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) I have trained over 500 USA Photographers some of whom are wedding photographers plus trained many photographers right here in Swindon at the Wyvern Theater way back when I lived in Swindon at the age of around 19 and taught film color and black and white photography and development.

So what about posing people you say, you can see photographers with great posed images of models and think they are good, but a great model will do all the work and sometimes the photographer has very little part of it other than lighting if in the studio and clicking a button.

Pushing yourself as a photographer is what it’s all about and testing gear also, one should never test gear at a live wedding, that’s a major one.

So onward we go, time to introduce a young lady here that I approached in a coffee shop, (Costa) and gave my business card to and informed her to contact me if she was interested in modeling, because I saw something in her that I knew would work.  It also lets me train models to work with me over time, to build them up and have access to quality models is important even for a Wedding and Portrait Photographer.

She promptly contacted me.

This is what you get when you have a person that has never ever modeled, never worked with you and on the first shoot you get images that look natural, as if she is relaxed and has been doing this for a long time.

I also train models so full direction is given for her and these are the results, This is because a professional Wedding Photographer will make even the most nervous person feel totally at ease and get the results required.

There will be more images to come soon so visit often.