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Ever dreamt about becoming a great model? Not good at posing, or you don't understand the business of modeling at all.  Let an international wedding and portrait photographer build your portfolio and if you are chosen, and have the right look there would be no charge. You will be trained by me on the finer details of modeling.

So for Modeling in Basingstoke, Models that want to go further in their career when just starting out, leap frog years ahead by coming to Kenneth Light Studios and email me, This is FREE, if you have what it takes, I will train you and build your portfolio for the use of you on shoots further down the road in high end shoots.  So don’t miss out!

What do I get out of this you wonder? Well that’s easy, I get a source of good models that I have hand trained, that I can call on for project jobs when needed. Yes there are sites out there but those are wannabe that have not been trained on how to pose and very very few truly understand these finer details.


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Contact me now and I will get back to you and we can move forward to building your port and training you. Also if you’re under the legal age, that's fine as long as your Parent is always present, they will be copied in on all communications, and would need to be available for all training and photo-shoots. 

I am also DBS cleared and a full FBI Cleared so you know you’re working with a true professional.

Think you have the potential to become a great model but don’t know where to start? Kenneth Light Studios will educate/coach local Models on the ins and outs and build your portfolio.

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