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Amanda & Tim Gaddy at the Doubletree hotel

Amanda & Tim Gaddy at the Doubletree hotel

So what makes me so different from all the other photographers out there?

1. I have trained over 500 USA photographers, some of who are wedding photographers.  2.  I am an innovator, I implement new and creative things for my brides before other photographers do.  3. I really care about my "clients" and you're learn that's a word i don't like to use much at all.  You will find out after the engagement session, it's around that time we truly connect.  4. I really love what I do and it shows.  5. I love good surprises.  6. I believe that when you book with me as your Wedding Photographer it’s not just for your special day.  It’s a bigger commitment and our current brides and grooms know this plus our past "clients" / friends know this.  Don’t take our word for it, come like us on Facebook and see for yourself all our past clients are now still my friends, years later. check our reviews on Facebook also.

Plus I'm an International Wedding Photographer in Swindon, if you want just photos and a book, maybe I am not for you, but if you want something very special that no one else can provide for you anywhere in the country, that none of your friends getting married can get unless they come to me, then I'm your Photographer.

The only thing that makes Kenneth Light Studios the same as the others is we are wedding photographers in Swindon and cover other areas such as London and further.

So with all this Why Trust Forever To Just Anyone?

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